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Brico Commercial Management Services has been providing support services for our clients for many years. Along the way, this division has grown to offer many of the most frequently called for services. 

Litter removal from parking lots and walkways.

Keeping a property free of litter is vital, as it is one of the first impressions people have of your property. Brico also provides this service in-house if needed. Saving our clients money by bundling services.

Pressure washing & Steam cleaning

Pressure washing is also an area that shouldn't be overlooked. While we believe it is very important, the timing is even more important. For example, we have taken over properties that were being power washed only days after pest control was sprayed or just before a major repair/delivery that should have been done first.

Grinding of misaligned cement sidewalks & paths of travel.

This service has proven to save many of our clients money from a repair standpoint and others from removing the concern before a potential lawsuit. 

Sales & Installation from a full line of site furnishings. 

Our company sources and installs all types of site supplies.

Commercial mailboxes, benches, ornamental waste receptacles, and even skateboard deterrents.

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