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Property Management

Introduction to our founder.

Brian Tomer, our founder, has been involved with the building and commercial property management industry since the mid 1980's. He has been exposed to many of the ups and downs in commercial real estate. He still remains very active in the business including building tours, walking roofs, etc. This experience has been instrumental in shaping Brico Commercial Property Management into a quality boutique management firm.

Evaluating your property and understanding your goal.

It is very important that we understand our clients' goal relating to their commercial property. Once this is identified a comprehensive plan is put in place to meet that goal.

Development of a plan to maximize your property.

We tour and review the physical asset as well as the project's current financial standing. Together, with ownership, a plan is crafted to course correct or maximize the property's performance.

Making Notes
Steady review of the action plan for adjustments along the way.

Our site tours and overall review of the financials of a project will allow us to monitor the progress of a plan. Since results are the goal, we must remain vigilant making adjustments if needed.

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